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Digital Lexicography


Classes will run from 11h00 to 13h00, in the Laboratory of Multimedia, on the Pedagogic Complex 1. Room 1.38; and from 14h00 to 16h00, in ILCH Multimedia Laboratory.

8 November

  • Brief introduction to GIT, and how to clone a project with GitKraken
  • Introduction to TEI, and TEI for Dictionaries
  • Use of Oxygen XML to annotate a dictionary with TEI

22 November

  • Using GIT, part II: Pull, Push, Stage and Commit
  • Problems of annotating with TEI: semantics vs visual aspects
  • Introduction to CSS

29 November

  • More TEI and CSS
  • Basics on XPath, XQuery and FLWOR

13 December

  • Exercises on XPath + XQuery

20 December

  • Taxonomies and Ontologies
  • Using WebProtégè to create ontologies
  • Basic introduction to SPARQL

10 January

17 January

24 January

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