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XML::DT – a package for down translation of XML to strings

Quick introdution:

  • it a perl module to transform XML documents
  • it is a very simple tool
  • it tries to put omnimark concepts with perl syntax and power

Down translation function dt receives a filename and a set of functions defining how to process and associates values to each element, and returns the processed file.

dtstring is similar but takes input from a string instead of a file.

See also:

  • XML::DT readme an introdution to XML:DT
  • XML::DT man man page (from pod2html)
  • xmldt.pdf.gz PDF file describing XML::DT basics (out of date)
  • PS file describing XML::DT basics (out of date)
  • a perl script that translates XML papers using gcapaper.dtd to LaTeX (using XML::DT). This script was used to generate xmldt.pdf and files…
  • XML::DT by example – several examples
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