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Bigorna - A Toolkit for Orthography Migration Challenges

What is Bigorna?

Bigorna is an open source project which aims to develop tools to help in general orthography migration challenges.

It started motivated by the 1990 Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement (PLOA 1990), and currently has produced an updated European Portuguese spellchecker dictionary, text converters from pre-1990 to post-1990 Brazilian and European Portuguese, a Portuguese variant classifier and a lexical comparison tool. Currently, all these tools are Unix-only.


PLOA 1990

  • OAKB - Orthographic Agreement Knowledge Base: a table containing all the information about the words changes. Derived from the list kindly provided by Portal da Lingua Portuguesa.
  • pt2ptao - European Portuguese converter for PLOA 1990.
  • br2brao - Brazilian Portuguese converter for PLOA 1990.
  • whichPT - Portuguese variant classifier.
  • The updated version of the dictionary was later merged with the lastest version of Jspell's Portuguese dictionary, and propagated to other formats as well. All versions can be found in Dicionários.

Orthography Migration

  • lexdiff - Lexical comparison tool.


  • Bigorna Kit (base version) - A distribution for common users (includes installers for pt2ptao, br2brao and whichPT)
  • Bigorna Kit (full version) - A distribution for advanced users, including all the files needed to build pt2ptao, br2brao, whichPT and lexdiff.





The authors would like to thank to Sapo which partially funded this project, and Priberam, Porto Editora and Portal da Lingua Portuguesa for their kind cooperation.

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