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Vim documentation: index
Vim documentation: quickref
Vim: Seven habits of effective text editing
Webglimpse and Glimpse: Unix-based search software, website index, intranet search software
Apache Tutorial: Dynamic Content with CGI - Apache HTTP Server
Linux Bookmarks
Introduction to Linux
LPD and the Database
Download Distributions - Softpedia
Linux Software Map
FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory
Vim online doc: Vim FAQ
Index of /geoff/tars
Transcode Home
International Ispell
some code :: namazu
Common UNIX Printing System
Transcode_Wiki: Transcode Wiki
Gazetteer Server Test Forms
SQLite home page
Latest Linux Downloads - Softpedia
Latest Linux Downloads
Hacking 101
Home page for the package repository
RPM Search mkinitrd
RPM PBone Search
Kurt Rosenfeld's Webpage
GLib Reference Manual
Fedora Core 5 Installation Notes
JPackage Project | Repositories
The Mutt E-Mail Client
``All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less.'' -me, circa 1995
Vim: Editing HTML Files
Vim: Spell-Checking Files
Gnuplot: An Interactive Plotting Program
Gnuplot: An Interactive Plotting Program
System Requirements for Etherboot version 5.4.1
a dynamic Etherboot ROM generator
PXELINUX - SYSLINUX for network boot
BBC - h2g2 - Ubuntu: Installation via Internet
h2g2 is the unconventional guide to life, the universe and everything, a guide that's written by visitors to the website, creating an organic and evolving encyclopedia of life
How to install Linux autopackages in 4 easy steps :: autopackage
Index of /Public
Quick Reference Cards
VIM Quick Reference
World-Text Email to SMS Gateway
World-Text provide Text Messaging SMS services and software. Features include an Email Gateway, HTTP and SMPP Interfaces. Invoiced and prepay accounts are available with free trial accounts to test our service. Special rates for corporate customers.
Fedora Core 6 Tips & Tricks
dave's wibblings: Firefox 2 on Fedora Core 6
Personal Fedora Core 6 Installation Guide
Personal Notes and Guide for Installation of Fedora Core 6
Linux From Scratch
Vim as XML Editor
If Vim is your main text editor, and if you do a lot of XML editing, then this howto might help you to make that even more fun.
RPM packages for Red Hat / Fedora / Aurora
Packages starting with M: RPM packages for Red Hat / Fedora / Aurora
Version Control with Subversion
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Definitions of algorithms, data structures, and classical Computer Science problems. Some entries have links to implementations and more information.
Utilitários / Principal - A Biblioteca Virtual do Estudante de Língua Portuguesa
Content Management System
Lecture Notes
Lecture Notes,Java,Introduction to Programming in Java by Sedgewick and Wayne


Perl, Unicode and i18N FAQ Tie::Hash::TwoWay - Perl extension for two-way mapping between two disjoint sets Tie::File - Access the lines of a disk file via a Perl array
Rex Swain's HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide
Perl 5 Reference Guide (in HTML) by Rex Swain
PDL - The Perl Data Language
PDL Perl Data Language
Perl2Exe Home Page
Flavio Poletti / WWW-Slides-0.0.9 -
GRID::Machine - Remote Procedure Calls over a SSH link -
Tom's Script Archive


Manual de Formação em Acessibilidade à Web
O meu site é Acessível?
Recomendações para a Acessibilidade do Conteúdo da Web 1.0
Lynx Viewer
Directivas para a Acessibilidade do Conteúdo da Web 1.0
Requisitos de Visitabilidade.
Welcome to Bobby WorldWide
Evaluation, Repair, and Transformation Tools for Web Content Accessibility
ASSETS 2005 Conference
Juicy Studio: Firefox 2.0 and Access Keys
Accesskey standards | clagnut/blog
One of my goals for Clagnut is to make it accessible beyond good alt tags and valid code. Providing keyboard shortcuts through the accesskey attribute for important parts of the site, such as search, help and home, can help. It struck me that there should be consistency in…


Alexandria Digital Library Gazetteer Server
oss4lib -- history
Libraries Project Info - dspace - Home
Wiktionary database download
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
Direcção-Geral dos Edifícios e Monumentos Nacionais


Portugal > Maps > Costa Prata & Coimbra
Alexandria Digital Library Project
LusiGlob - O Portal Geográfico de Portugal
LusiGlob - O Portal Geográfico de Portugal
Central de Reservas. - Powered by Fastdigital, Lda

BBC - Science & Nature
BBC - homepage - Home of the BBC on the Internet
Metadata standards directory
Internet resources European Union
Directorio de recursos

Jornais e blogs

SIC Online - Homepage
Mega Ciencia
Mega Ciencia
:. Diario do Minho .:. Jornal Online .:
Jornal Diário do Minho, jornal de inspiração cristã.

ISO 2788, Guidelines for the establishment and development of monolingual thesauri
ADL Gazetteer Development
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!
Technical Reports and Standards : Databases & E-Resources (Library of Congress)
: Electronic Resources at the Library of Congress in the last three months.
TuxMobil: Free eBooks and AudioBooks for Mobile Computers
A survey of links to free eBooks and AudioBooks for mobile Linux computers like PDAs, handhelds and laptops. Tips, tricks and HOWTOs for format conversions and more.
Books Download Central
Google Librarian Center
A "INFORMAÇÃO": Janeiro 2006
A Informação
IMARK « Manuscritos Digitais
About EPrints - DemoPrints
Fortune Cookies -- Computer Science
Por Autor / Literatura / Textos / Principal - A Biblioteca Virtual do Estudante de Língua Portuguesa
Content Management System
Quick start Guide – wiki2xhtml @
Institucional Portugal
Placard sites institucionais para o cidadao! Pixels em Portugal!
Google Directory - Reference > Libraries > Library and Information Science > Technical Services > Cataloguing > Bibliographic Utilities
MacKichan Software - The Home of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook
MacKichan Software now offers version 5.5 of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook. You write text and mathematics in your document without having to know a programming language or exit to an equation editor. Evaluate, simplify, solve, and plot functions without the need to master a complex syntax. And typeset documents with LaTeX with just the click of a button.
Bricks Foundation Software Page
JeromeDL - e-Library with Semantics - Home
JeromeDL is a digital library system build completely according Semantic Web standards
DERI Tools
The major objective of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) is to bring current Web technology to its full potential by combining and improving recent trends around the Web.
MarcOnt initiative - Articles
Mambo - the dynamic portal engine and content management system
Little Wizard's Home Page
Version Control with Subversion
Sistemas de codificação e classificação em Portugal -- como os integrar - Mimwiki
Bibliographic Software and Standards Information - Wiki
Bibliographic Hints and Tips - Wiki
Portuguese Explorers, Navigators and Conquistadores
This is a list of Portuguese explorers, navigators, conquistadores, pioneers, great men who contributed to the expansion of the Portuguese empire.
El Cid
José Carlos Bermejo Barrera: Ascenso y caida de las bibliotecas | fírgoa
Textos / Principal - A Biblioteca Virtual do Estudante de Língua Portuguesa
Content Management System
Biblioteca Virtual - Literatura
Clube de Contadores de Histórias


RTEE: Computers in music education - Love is a four letter word - ( Joan Baez )
Windows 95 to XP Music Software: Karaoke [Shareware Music Machine]
actividades Project Info - The free CD+G project
Index of /MP3
JAZCLASS : About Erik SATIE - the eccentric Impressionist French composer and musician
Erik Satie: music samples
Audio: Microphones
Index of /pub/mirrors/planet.ccrma/3/i386
Figured bass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Orquestra Sinfônica Brasileira - Variedades - Glossário
História e Música
index música em Portugal
Robert Kelley's Music Website
Robert Kelley is a music theorist, composer, pianist, harpsichordist, and Assistant Professor of Music at Lander University, in Greenwood, South Carolina. Dr. Kelley's website is devoted to providing resources for practicing classical musicians, musicologists, theorists, composers, and students. Also included are MIDI samples of Robert Kelley's compositions, and his work in Java programming.
Tom Pankhurst's TonalityGUIDE (pilot project): Template
TonalityGUIDE is a basic music theory guide to tonal harmony and voice leading for first-year university students. It introduces harmony and voice-leading at a level which is appropriate at degree level, yet does not make too many assumptions
- Classical Music Dictionary - Free MP3
Musica Classica - Classical Music - Klassische Musik - Karadar Bertoldi Ensemble - Dizionario della Musica Classica - Classical Music - Klassische Musik - Karadar Bertoldi Ensemble
Musica Classica - Classical Music - Klassische Musik - Karadar Bertoldi Ensemble - Dizionario della Musica Classica - Classical Music - Klassische Musik - Karadar Bertoldi Ensemble
Coro da UNL - Biografias de A - K
Biografias de compositores, de A a K. Composers biographies, from A to K.
Coro da UNL - Links
Colecção de links sobre música, voz e coros. Links about music, the voice and choirs.
FAZENDOVÍDEO - Informações Técnicas - som - 4/6
Canto Gregoriano
Canto gregoriano com arquivos de áudio mp3. Diversos ordinários e próprios de missas e outras peças, todas completas. Missas antecipadamente para ensaio. Todos os domingos e principais festas estão disponíveis.
Fichiers Midi et textes de musiques du Moyen Age
Cançoners de música tradicional. Enllaços
Cançoners de música tradicional en MIDI
Family Oral History Using Digital Tools
CCARH Publications: Computing in Musicology
Fonoteca Municipal - Catalogue - Detail
WAV to MIDI, MP3 to MIDI converter, convert WAV to MID with Intelliscore - Free download.
WAV to MIDI converter, convert MP3 to MIDI, CD to MID with Intelliscore for live performance, making multi-track MIDI (.mid) files, transcribing music, and finding chord names from multi-instrument CD, WAV, WMA, and MP3 files. Download a free trial version.
Download Music Recognition Software - Audio to Midi Converter - Transcribe Music
Download Music Recognition Software for Free - wave to midi
Download Transcribe!
Transcribe! - software to help transcribe recorded music
Transcribe! from Seventh String Software. Learn music from recordings. Slow down music without changing the pitch. Analysis of chords. For Windows, Mac, and Linux.
WaveToMidi converter page
WaveToMidi site, a wave, audio, music to staff, score, midi converter.
University of Rochester Libraries (sheet music section) : free sheet music
Acadia Early Music Archive : free sheet music
Dingle Regatta
Free music score to download
Critical & Historical Essays by Edward MacDowell - Project Gutenberg
Download the free eBook: Critical & Historical Essays by Edward MacDowell
Sonata - registration
Forumúsica > Teoria Musical
Peter, Paull and Mary - The Solo Years
Digital Librarian: Locating Lyrics, Sheet Music, Librettos, & Scores
Digital Librarian: Sheet Music, Lyrics, Librettos, Scores. A librarians's guide to the best internet resources for sheet music, lyrics, librettos, scores, music cataloging etc.
Underbit: MAD (MPEG Audio Decoder)
Bach Cantatas Website - Home Page
A comprehensive site covering all aspects of J.S. Bach's cantatas and his other vocal works. Contains discussions and detailed discographies of each cantata and other vocal works, performers and general topics. The site also includes texts and translations, scores, music examples, articles and interviews, and over 3,700 short biographies of performers of Bach's vocal works (singers, conductors, vocal and instrumental groups) and players of his keyboard works. There are also other relevant resources such as the Lutheran church year, database of chorale texts & melodies and their authors, reviews and discussions of Bach’s non-vocal works and books about Bach, terms and abbreviations, schedule of concerts of Bach's vocal works, guide to Bach tour, thousands of links to other relevant resources. The site is an international collective project, being compiled from various postings about the subject, most of which have been sent to the Bach Mailing Lists.
4cko >- *auch* (audio--checker)
MicroMemo for iPod video — Digital iPod Voice Recorder with Detachable Microphone — XtremeMac
iPod voice recordings made easy with this iPod video accessory. Simple plug and play operation.
L Burro i l Gueiteiro
BerliOS Developer: Project Info - Noteedit - A Score Editor
The Score Editor
Main Page - Canorus - a music score editor Wiki site

Literatura e contos

WORDTHEQUE - Word by word multilingual library
WORDTHEQUE - Word by word multilingual library
O Livro do Desassossego
José Leon Machado / Projecto Vercial [Reportagem]
Jornal de Poesia - Fernando Pessoa (Obra Completa)
Disquiet: Pessoa's Trunk
Fernando Pessoa
Mulheres que amo
Coletânea de poesias escritas por mulheres, de todas as partes do mundo, traduzidas para o português. Women's poetry of all world, in Portuguese.
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen
Jornal de Poesia - Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen
Notícias em tempo real. Jornalismo em português para a Lusofonia.
Mirandés na Net - [ Cuntadores de Stórias ]
Fernando Pessoa; Passos da Cruz; Comentário a alguns poemas


Whiteboard Home
6.170 Laboratory in Software Engineering, Fall 2001
Adaptive Technology Tutorials: Introduction to Mind Manager 2003
Adaptive Technology Tutorials: Introduction to Mind Manager 2003: The Not So Basic Guide
Index of /atrc/tutorials
Challenges 2005
Glasgow Portuguese
©Mike Harland & Cristina Sousa - All Rights Reserved
Portuguese Page, beginner's course: De Tudo Um Pouco, grammar and dictionary, plus culture, literature, commercial language sections and web pointers to other portuguese sites
©Mike Harland & Cristina Sousa - All Rights Reserved
Portuguese Page, beginner's course: De Tudo Um Pouco, grammar and dictionary, plus culture, literature, commercial language sections and web pointers to other portuguese sites


Portuguese & Chinese Bi-Directional Translation System - PCT
Debian GNU/Linux -- xcin
Debian GNU/Linux -- cedictgb
Debian GNU/Linux -- ccf
Debian GNU/Linux -- bg5ps
Debian GNU/Linux -- hanzim
Hanzi Master
Adrian's Chinese Page
On-line Chinese Tools
USC Chinese Department
On-line Chinese Tools
USC Chinese Department
Chinese Good Luck Symbols
Paintings of Qi Baishi - from
Chinese Proverbs
林語堂《當代漢英詞典》電子版 - Lin Yutang's Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage (CUHK)
How to write chinese character
English-Chinese Dictionary
:: CEDICT Search :: - Chinese Language Processing and Chinese Computing
Cultura Chinesa, tudo sobre a China
China: Dim Sum: Chinese Characters Lesson
China: Dim Sum: Pictures of Dragons
China: Dim Sum: Maps of China
China: Dim Sum: Table of Contents and Home Page
Animated Chinese Characters
Wenlin Institute: Software for Learning Chinese
Learn Chinese Characters
Condensed China: Chinese History for Beginners
Learning Chinese Online Page
Animated Chinese Characters
History of Mathematics: China
AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation - Translated Text
Transwhiz -- Trial
Chinese Machine Translation
Daoism Depot: Chinese History
Provérbios Chineses e Valores Confucianos
Index of /ymaa_doc/boletins
Windows XP
Four Corner Input Method
Chong Kit Cang Jie
Chinese Abacus
Four Corner Input Method
China, Past and Present Rulers. Set your browser to Unicode UTF8
Chinese Character Data
CJKV-English Dictionary
Using Chinese on the department Linux machines
Transwhiz -- Trial
Chinese Language
Index of /journals
Chinese Lessons - Menu - ZapChinese
ZapChinese - Learn Mandarin Chinese online for free
Chinese Portuguese Dictionary - Portuguese Chinese - free online tools
New ! Chinese Portuguese Chinese online dictionary. Search in Chinese, pinyin or Portuguese .
Index of /~matloff/Chinese/KX/Packages
Seu nome em chinês - nomes chineses - caligrafia chinesa e pronunciação
Tradução de nomes e prenomes em chinês.
Authentic Chinese Proverbs and other interesting Chinese expressions with annotated English translations.(Some are paired with a corresponding Englished proverb.)
Chinese proverbs and other interesting expressions complete with annotated English translations. Chinese metaphors


J. Roque Dias • TRANSLATION LINKS • Index Page
Free dictionaries project
Free dictionaries project : More than 70 free dictionaries


Tapada Nacional de Mafra
domum >>> birds of sweden >>> portuguese <<<
domum >>> birds of sweden <<<
UniLang // View topic - The Animal Kingdom
Capítulo 6Os Grandes Grupos Animais e Vegetais Classicamente,
Capítulo 6Os Grandes Grupos Animais e Vegetais Classicamente,
Glossário do Reino Animal


Microbiology Glossary
Display CCF file
Display CCF file
Microbiology | Glossary A-F

British Birds - Illustrated Guide
The 914 Birds Found in North America
=> AVESPT.COM - Tudo Sobre Aves <=
Thesaurus da Língua Portuguesa do Brasil - In
Thomson BIOSIS - Mammalia

thesauri e ontologias

Thesaurus Links
OMD Subjects
Welcome to KAON — KAON - The KArlsruhe ONtology and Semantic Web tool suite
Thesaurus da Língua Portuguesa do Brasil - In
Agricultural Ontology Service Project (AOS)
HPMULTI - The European multilingual thesaurus on health promotion
NDAD - news: nl: news004: thesaurus
EUROPEAN EDUCATION THESAURUS - EET (New Edition - 1998) Download Area
Software for building and editing thesauri
United Nations Bibliographic Information System Thesaurus
What is an ontology and why we need it
WordNet Search - 2.1 beta
ERIC - Education Resources Information Center
Metadata? Thesauri? Taxonomies? Topic Maps!
Thesaurus Multilingue de Population
Alexandria Digital Library Project
Guide to the ADL Gazetteer Content Standard Ted Pedersen / WordNet-Similarity
American Society of Indexers: Software for Indexing
United Nations Bibliographic Information System Thesaurus
OECD Macrothesaurus Chapter Headings
UQAM - Bibliothèques - Services techniques - Analyse documentaire - Sites d'intérêt - Les thésaurus
Semantic Web Research Group
Ämneskategorier >> Startsida
Ämneskategorier för vetenskapliga publikationer
Food thesaurus
Thesaurus software - Term Tree
Term Tree - Thesaurus Software for software creation and management of any hierarchical or classification thesaurus or complex taxonomy. Supports Keyword AAA. Imports Multites
UNSPSC Homepage
Quick Guide to Publishing a Thesaurus on the Semantic Web
SWAD-Europe Thesaurus Activity
WHO | The WHO Family of International Classifications
WHO | International Classification of Diseases (ICD)
Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
WordNet - Download
Index of /Public/cldr
Index of
Yago - A Core of Semantic Knowledge
Semantic Lab - search - a Wikia wiki
draft_icdeidx.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
Electronic Dictionaries
Wordlist English (Modern)-Portuguese
Sexo - Dicionario
Glossary of Translation and Interpreting Terminology Project Info - EDICT - a command line dictionary
Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa On-line
Dictionnaire Français-Anglais
Transwhiz -- Trial
Online English to Spanish to English Dictionary
online Portuguese English dictionary, thesaurus, translation
MediaWiki development
Registo bibliográfico
Open Lexicon Interchange Format (OLIF)
LISA - TBX - TermBase eXchange Standard
Index of > Portuguese > Medical > Vocabulary
Index of /Portuguese
tabela1.pdf (application/pdf Object)
English to Portuguese
Wordgumbo: Portuguese Group Glossaries
PMDIC.pdf (application/pdf Object)
FrameNet II Home Easy Graphic Search
Web WordNet 2.0
Cambridge Dictionaries Online - Cambridge University Press
Grupo DICT-ES: diccionarios abiertos en español- diccionario
Understanding Wordsmyth
Understanding Wordsmyth
Dictionary of Deikto
Wiktionary:Swadesh list - Wiktionary
Language training software, learn german, learn french, learn spanish
Portuguese v. Brazilian
PORTUGUESE GLOSSARY OF MEDICAL TERMS - GLOSSARIO PORTOGHESE MEDICO TERMINI MEDICI PORTOGHESI- Dizionario di Medicina e di termini medici by Salus - Medicina in Rete, dizionario di medicina
British Museum Object Names Thesaurus
Download English Dictionary, English Downloadable Dictionary, Download Roget's Thesaurus
Hyper-dictionary of English (HyperDic online hyper-dictionary)
Berufe {pl} - occupations; professions; jobs
Dicionário Português-Brasileiro absolutamente a aviso de recepção > Portuguese > Food & Drink > Vocabulary > French > Food & Drink > Vocabulary


MedlinePlus Enciclopedia Médica: Enciclopedia Médica Topicos Comenzando con A-Ag
Enciclopedia Libre Universal en Español - Enciclopedia Libre
Lockergnomes Free Encyclopedia
Wikimedia database dumps
Latest Linux Downloads - Softpedia
Latest Linux Downloads free online encyclopedia article for Nothing, powered by Wikipedia.
Science Fair Projects - Main Page asfp
The Ultimate Science Fair Projects Encyclopedia - Main Page asfp
Virtual Library of Useful URLs by Dewey - 400 Language
Virtual library of useful URLs arranged by Dewey. 400 Language and languages. English and other foreign languages, e.g. German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian. Instant online translations.
Fine Arts - BrainyEncyclopedia
A Research Guide for Students
Encyclopedia Smithsonian: The Smithsonian from A to Z
Encyclopedia Smithsonian, Links to on-line Smithsonian Resources and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from Art to Zoo, Design, Crafts, Science, History, Technology, Biology, Astronomy, Dinosaurs, Birds, Quilts, Culture, Music, Politics, Geology, Planning a Visit
Dicionário de Língua Portuguesa - Infopédia
Wapedia - A Enciclopédia Móvel

English-French Gastronomy Dictionary - Provence Beyond
The climbing dictionary
Glossaire informatique
BUBL LINK: Internet resources by type
Luís Avelar - Dicionário de Montanha e Escalada - P
Busca em MultiTerm - Busca alfabética
Gastronomia, Receitas - doces,vinhos,queijos de Portugal.Cozinha tradicional portuguesa
Associação de Informação Terminológica


Glossary list United Nations Interpreters
Index of
Dizionario Gastronomico " Gastronomical Dictionary " Gastronomisches Wörterbuch " Dictionnaire Gastronomique " Diccionario Gastronomico" guida professionale alberghiera, professional guide of the hotels, professionalicher Führer von dem hotel, "traduzione portate menu" "guida ristoranti italiani" "elenco portate menu" guide professionel hoteliere, Führer durch die Speisekarte, Übersetzung auf die Speise. traduzione vivande e bevande in cinque lingue. "guida di Cranchi Giuseppe" dizionario gastronomico gastronomical dictionary Gastronomiches Wörterbuch Dictionnaire Gastronomique elenchi portate
Glossaries by Language
GEONAMES - Romance wordlist
Linguistic geography, The countries of the world in their local languages and scripts, with official names, capitals, flags, administrative divisions, and translations of the country and capital names into many different languages
Download de Glossários

database dumps
Dicionario CLUVI inglés-galego
WiseDict Dictionary
OneLook Reverse Dictionary
MSN Encarta - Dictionary - whisker
AskOxford: whisker
Infoplease Search: mouth Definition of Whisker - english dictionary with multi-lingual search. Search in German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and English. Pronunciation files get rid of those silly symbols than nobody understands. It's free, so try the dictionary today!
whisker definition
whisker - OneLook Dictionary Search
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Definitions of algorithms, data structures, and classical Computer Science problems. Some entries have links to implementations and more information.
FireDictionary - Download
FireDictionary is a cool dictionary which works on the Firefox sidebar.
Science Fair Projects - Main Page asfp
The Ultimate Science Fair Project Dictionary and Thesaurus - Main Page asfp
Chinese Portuguese Dictionary - Portuguese Chinese - free online tools
New ! Chinese Portuguese Chinese online dictionary. Search in Chinese, pinyin or Portuguese .
Online Dictionary, Language Guide, Foreign Language and Etymology - - english dictionary with multi-lingual search. Search in German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and English. Pronunciation files get rid of those silly symbols than nobody understands. It's free, so try the dictionary today!
Glossaries by Language
Wik2dict - Guaka's wiki
Portuguese to English Dictionary - Portuguese words, terms and phrases
Portuguese dictionary with approximately 20000 terms translated to English

Parsers e linguagens

D Parser Homepage Project details for glrParser Project details for Spirit Parser library
An Gramadóir Project details for glrParser
Análisis Léxico y Sintáctico con Perl
TRE home page
Science Fair Projects - List of algorithms
The Ultimate Science Fair Projects Encyclopedia - List of algorithms
Objective Caml
VM - máquina virtual
Symbolic Computing contents


WorldLingo (ptbr en ch ru de sp gr fr it ko ja)
AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation
netat (En CH)
SYSTRAN Language Translation Technology
Transwhiz -- Trial (Jp Ch En)
Rainbow Help - How to Use Rainbow
Index of
Noah A. Smith
UniLang Community
1-800-Translate : Automatic Translation Service
Im Translator : Free Translation Service
Free Translation Online
Conocimientos - La divisa del nuevo milenio - Traductor
Translation Services and Translation Software - SDL - Professional Translation Company
open-language-tools: Documents & files
Fedora Project, sponsored by Red Hat Project Info - OmegaT - Java based CAT tool
OmegaT, the free translation memory tool
Statistical Machine Translation
Pharaoh: a beam search decoder for phrase-based statistical machine translation models
Pharaoh: a beam search decoder for phrase-based statistical machine translation models
Workshop Shared Task: Statistical Machine Translation
SRILM Download
Fresh: Member translate-toolkit-1.0.1/translate/doc/user/ ...
translate-toolkit-1.0.1.tar.gz (download, contents listing and member browsing) - T-Systems SFR Fresh Archive:
Pootle 1.0.2
This is the official Pootle server of WordForge. Contact us to add your language.


Centro de Comunicações da UM - Registo OnLine
Horaios - Universidade do Minho
Sítio da LESI | Alunos LESI | Alunos Actuais da LESI
Programação Imperativa
Paradigmas da Programação II
Index of /MP3/Classical
Álvaro Iriarte Sanromán
Site de Informações do DI
Declarações Electrónicas
FctForm - DI/FAST - TWiki
ComUM - Jornal Online da Universidade do Minho
Universidade do Minho

NLP genérico

Curso de PLN en Python
NLTK Tutorials
Multiword Recognition and Extraction
Introduction to Natural Language Processing (600.465) Word Classes: Programming Tips & Tricks
600.405 / 600.406: Finite-State Methods in NLP
600.465 - Natural Language Processing - JHU CS
The OpenNLP Homepage
PERL Programming: Practical Tools for NLP

Corpus Linguistics 2
Statistical NLP / corpus-based computational linguistics resources
|| Lamaçal ||
EUROPA - Internal Market - Professional Qualifications - Regulated professions data base
Acesso ao CETEMPúblico anotado
Tools and Resources
Natural Language Tools and Resources
Knorpora Software
Knorpora Software List
Semantics at ISI - VerbOcean
IMS Corpus Workbench Download (Beta Version)
Call Any Vegetable
Nordic Treebank Network: Treebank Tools
Corpus Encoding Standard
The STRAND Bilingual Databases
Statistical NLP / corpus-based computational linguistics resources
Lexware Culler
TIGER API 1.8 - Documentation
TIGER API is a library which allows Java programmers to easily access the structure of any corpus given as a TIGER-XML file. It can process the TIGER corpus and any other corpus encoded in TIGER-XML.
IMS Corpus Workbench Download (Beta Version)
..: LREC 2008 [Schedule for Workshops & Tutorials] :..
Click the title to display the Call for papers or the outline, when available. Tutorials appear in green. More specific information on rooms (...)

Statistical NLP / corpus-based computational linguistics resources
Brown CS - CS241
Software Tools for NLP
Managing Gigabytes
John A. Carroll: Publications


Robust Accurate Statistical Parsing (RASP)
RASP System Demonstration
Departamento de Linguística Geral e Românica - PROGRAMAS
Do-It-Yourself English Teaching Activities
The RANLP Parsing Scheme
The RASP System
The Xtag Project
WordNet - Download
WordNet Research: Downloads

The Second Global Wordnet Conference 2004


Lista de projectos para colaboração com o pólo CLUP/FLUP
Acesso ao CETEMPúblico anotado

XIX Congreso SEPLN
open-language-tools: Documents & files
FLiP On-line
FLiP On-line
Oddcast Text-To-Speech Demos
Teaching with NLTK
Mary D. Taffet's Home Page: WWW Sites for Natural Language Processing - Student Version
Mary D. Taffet's Home Page
Index of /~sd/doc/tools
CA : Finite-State Software Tools - Xerox XRCE
Speech and Language Processing (2nd Ed.): Updates
LINGUIST 180/SYMSYS 138: Introduction to Computer Speech and Language Processing
Andrew Roberts @ School of Computing, University of Leeds
The website of Andrew Roberts, School of Computing, University of Leeds. Research interests: Natural Language Learning (NLL), Grammar Inference, Natual Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Clustering.
natural language processing blog
Statistical NLP / corpus-based computational linguistics resources
Siderite Zackwehdex's Blog: Super Fast and Accurate string distance algorithm: Sift3
Siderite programming c# c-sharp Romania Coma Zackwehdex Blog
String Similarity Metrics for Information Integration
Named Entity Recognition (State of the art) - ACLWiki
Fight the Bull - Download Bullfighter
The people who brought you the award-winning Bullfighter anti-jargon software are back with a witty, practical guide to cutting through all the bullshit in corporate speak. Why Business People Speak Like Idiots exposes four traps that transform funny, honest and engaging weekend people into boring business stiffs (Obscurity, Anonymity, Hard Sell and Tedium). The book takes aim at HR, PR, advertising, cube farms, Dilbert-esque managers, meetings, memos, and all the other usual corporate B.S.
Ciência e Cultura - A língua portuguesa no Brasil




PHP: Download documentation
Dissertações Defendidas em 2003
Celex Test
NATO Other languages module
Portuguese Translations of W3C Documents Bitextor
The world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications
EUR-Lex - Recherche simple
The STRAND Bilingual Databases
Europa - SCADPlus - Actividades
O serviço de informação SCADPlus é uma fonte de informações úteis para os especialistas e para todos quantos manifestam interesse pelas políticas e pelo funcionamento da União Europeia.
Kingston Digital Media Memory Page
Especificação HTML 4.01
Reportagens :: CP :: (English Language version)
CP Passengers :: CP :: (English Language version)
Revision 2880: /trunk/src/en/book

J. Roque Dias • TRANSLATION LINKS • Index Page
Berufe {pl} - occupations; professions; jobs
Index of /acesso/tokens
Portuguese Links
Theiling Online: Conlang X-Sampa (CXS)
Dislexicon v0.3
People listed in Virtual Portugal - Page R
Index of people listed in Virtual Portugal, contains links to the companies where the persons are working
John Benjamins: Browse subjects
Pootle 1.0.2
This is the official Pootle server of WordForge. Contact us to add your language.

PDF, PS. LateX

Multivalent Home Page
TWiki . Main . MergePdfFilesWithPdflatex
LaTeX Symbols
area-slides.pdf (application/pdf Object)
@LaTeXe help 1.6 Project details for SyNTeX - Syntactic tree drawing program
TUSTEP - Tübingen System of Text Processing Programs
Fonts and HTML
Links related to the use of fonts in HTML documents. Compiled by Luc Devroye.
PDF Nup Maker
bibtex2html: BibTeX to HTML converter
The BibTeX Format
PDFBox - Java PDF Library
Convert MS/Word to PDF
Convert MS/Word to PDF
Index of /pub/ctan/macros/latex/contrib/geometry

File Format. Extensions.
Biblioteca Municipal Camilo Castelo Branco :: Agenda Cultural
historia Oral - Um mundo de receitas online
Indíce Aplicações Redes
Adept Scientific plc - The Technical Computing People
Primeira página | BBC Brasil | BBC World Service
Índice del Manual de Aplicación de las Directrices de Accesibilidad en FrontPage
Freedom Scientific: Assistive Technology for people with vision impairments & sensory disabilities
Association pour le Traitement Automatique des LAngues
atscire Homepage
Historical Event Markup and Linking Project
António Ribeiro homepage
[] - Valhalla
DjVuLibre: Open Source DjVu library and viewer
DjVu Zone Digital Library
Distributed Encyclopedia of Sciences
Interactive mathematics
Biblioteca Municipal Camilo Castelo Branco
Search Translation Corpus
KDE Translators Center
Web EuroWordNet Interface (version 0.2)
Electronic Dictionaries
Manuel Barbera, Corpus based computational linguistic resources. General: Tools (§ 2.5).
Linguateca - Pólo na Universidade do Minho
Malba Tahan - O Homem Que Calculava
CNE Agrup. 194 Batalha
WordNet and Other Lexical Resources workshop
Wiktionary:Wiktionary Definition Standards - Wiktionary
DivX Movies - Subtitles
Ghana Dutch Portuguese Europeans forts, Axim,Elmina,Accra,Mouree...
Dutch Portuguese Colonial History. Portugese en Nederlandse Koloniale Geschiedenis. Historia Colonial de Portugal e Holanda. Ceylon(Sri Lanka),India,Malacca,Ghana,Tobago,Brazil,Formosa(Taiwan),Indonesia,New York(Amsterdam),Timor,South Africa,Asia,Mauritius,Mombasa,Bengal,Angola,Mozambique,Guyana,Caribbean.
Europarl Parallel Corpus
Adam Kilgarriff: publications
Welcome to the Mutopia Project
Sound and Music Applications
How does the La Folia sound like?
O Partido da Música do Senado de Ponte de Lima 1.a Parte - Séc.XVII
Homepage of La Folia, a musical cathedral (1672-2003)
The Choral Public Domain Library :: If you love something, set it free
The Choral Public Domain Library :: If you love something, set it free
LX-Suite Demo
Index of /avalon/ftp/pub/guitar/chordpro/p
List of guitar chords and chord shapes - guitar chord dictionary
OLGA - The On-Line Guitar Archive
About Rpmfind.Net WWW Server a.k.a. Rufus.W3.Org
HLT-NAACL 2003: Paper Submission Formats
OpenIsis - OverView
Open Archives Initiative
Dublin Core Metadata Element Set: Reference Description
List for country
What Every New Graduate Student At IUCS Should Know
jj.tab1 running on - phpMyAdmin 2.5.2
MT: bibliography, on-line publications
Biblioteca Universal
CDU - Classificação Decimal Universal
Página Pessoal de Nuno Ribeiro: Docência - Disciplina de Tecnologias de Informação Documental
Ding: A Dictionary Lookup program
Documentation - Common UNIX Printing System
Unicode Home Page
TWiki . TWiki . InterSiteLinkRules
Transform / Transformation Taxonomy
SEN1 - MetaEnvironmentDownload
SEN1 - WebHome
Wiki Engines
The Official Kwiki Web Site: KwikiFeatures
[] - Shrike - Universal Currency Converter Results
MIT OpenCourseWare | OCW Home
Manuel Barbera, Corpus based computational linguistic resources: CLR Home - Index (§ 1).
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web.blazonry : JavaScript : Windows
The JavaScript Source: Master List - Your Free Translation Translators
Turing Machine
Carlos Eduardo Web Site
The Age of Spiritual Machines "Cronology - The years 1951 through 1979"
:: Portugal Telecom :: A
PT Comunicações
pagina principal
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No Title
Sound and Music Applications
Index of /planetccrma/mirror/redhat/linux/planetccrma/9/en/os/i386
Index of /~horarios/pdf0304/2oSemestre
Music Notation Software
Music Notation Software
Score Links
Acadia Early Music Resources & Score Software Resources - site map
MusicXML Definition
Anedotas -
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The Lexical Semantics of a Machine Translation Interlingua
Phrases in English - BNC Chargrams
CES Part 4.5. The CES DTD for primary data
Dictionarium Journal
Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction
Compare Prices and Read Reviews on C-Technologies Hand-Held Scanner at
Extex - Extracção de Texto de Ficheiros Formatados
rota.jpg (JPEG Image, 1706x1131 pixels)
The Linux Documentation Project: Guides
LDP-BR Ferramentas de Auxílio - Vocabulário Padrão
Jules Verne Virtual Library
Le FAQ sulla sessualità di it.sesso.discussioni
Portal Galego da Língua - Notícias
Debian GNU/Linux -- xcin
Excite Italia - Directory - Literatura
morphological tags
Projecto Floresta Sintá(c)tica
Comentários, sugestões e pedidos de informação
Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
Conceitos de Sistemas Informáticos
everything quinn
O Mundo em bandeiras
Paradigmas da Programação II - Sumários (Teórico-Práticas - TP1/2-LMCC)
Political map of Spain, Portugal, and Andorra - World Sites Atlas
Software Tools for NLP
Uplug sentence aligner
FAQ list for the GMA software package
Index of /~melamed/courses/sclt/lecture_slides
ENLP Lectures
Speech Recognition
NGA: GNS GEOnet Names Server
Software Utilities for use with GMA
Index of /~jno/tmp/ikfp
Guia de Portugal
Portal TTVerdePT - Opinião
ICN - Instituto da Conservação da Natureza
Portuguese English Dictionary
Portuguese English Dictionary
Helix: Welcome
MultiWordNet On-line
MultiWordNet On-line - .com and .net are scammers! - The REAL Universal BitTorrent source
Som Livre Mega Store
Linguagens de Programacao II
ABBYY PDF Transformer
Animated Chinese Characters
Welcome to the UN. It&#39;s your world.
Acrobat/PDF Resources
Office Add-Ins - Reviews and free downloads at
PDF Transformer - Reviews and free downloads at
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Icones téléchargement d&#39;icones
Oxford Primary Education: Text Only
Birds-Zoom School-Enchanted Learning Software
LITTLE EXPLORERS by Enchanted Learning Software
Japanese Language
The Ipe extensible drawing editor
FreshPorts -- chinese/cdict5
Linux: Dictionary
Portal do Cidadão - Notícias disponíveis no Portal
Emulatoren -
Highest lowest biggest smallest tallest deepest oldest youngest Continents Countries Cities Dependencies Deserts Islands Lakes Mountains Oceans Provinces Rivers Seas and more list by World Atlas


Layers of C++ Frameworks in ivtools
AMBULANT Player Demos
AMBULANT Player Demos


Cultura geral...

Velha-a-Branca | Estaleiro Cultural

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edu @ softmaker : Site licenses for schools
The definitive collection of idea generation methods
Martin Leith is among the UK's leading designers and facilitators of workshops, large scale collaborative events and participative conferences.
Scaryideas - people Bohr anecdote.
Anecdotage Web Site - The World's Widest Web of Celebrity Anecdotes, Famous People Anecdotes with huge database of anecdotes available for searching
Declarações Electrónicas – A companhia de aviação com as tarifas mais baixas - Wizz Air Europe's new low cost airline based in Central and Eastern
Wizz Air Central and Eastern Europe's new low cost airline. Flights from Budapest, Gdanks, Katowice and Warsaw starting from just 4990 HUF/99 PLN (one way, excluding taxes and charges) to major European destinations: London, Paris, Dortmund, Barcelona, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Athens, Stockholm, Prague. More destinations to come!
Air Berlin - Fly Euro Shuttle!
AHDS Cross-Search Catalogue | CUVPlus
Map of Portugal |


Index of /~jcr/XML/didac
Zvon XSL Tutorial
Practical XML with Linux, Part 1 - Print Version
free XML Editor free XML Editor free XML Editor free XML Editor freeware XML editing validation software XMLFox XSD editor free ware XML document xsd schema editor
KXML Editor
OASIS XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) TC Project Info - xliffRoundTrip Tool
XDXF - The Extensible (XML) Dictionary Exchange Format :: Log in
XDXF - The Extensible (XML) Dictionary Exchange Format :: Index
Index of /xata
HTML 4.0 Entities for Symbols and Greek Letters
A table of the HTML 4.0 entities for symbols and Greek letters.
HTML 4.0 Reference
The Web Design Group's comprehensive reference to HTML 4.0, with full descriptions of all elements and attributes.
Guide to Cascading Style Sheets
The Web Design Group's guide to Cascading Style Sheets.
XLIFF 1.1 Specification
XML Conversion-Outsourcing-XML Conversion-Resource/Guide
html to xml conversion ,word to xml conversion ,xml to html conversion ,xml to pdf conversion ,pdf to xml conversion ,xml data conversion
HTML Quick Reference Guide
Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY
W3C Print Symposium 2006
Style Sheets in HTML documents
Speech Recognition Grammar Specification Version 1.0
CSTUG: XML Repository
Default style sheet for HTML 4
Visual formatting model
Prince: Sample Documents
Prince: CSS Properties
Michele Baldessari - Homepage
Linux, programming, xsec, lug bz, milano, suedtirol, bofh, free software, c, c++, prolog
XSLT Tutorial
Free HTML XHTML CSS JavaScript DHTML XML DOM XSL XSLT RSS AJAX ASP ADO PHP SQL tutorials, references, examples for web building.
CSS2 Reference
Vim as XML Editor
If Vim is your main text editor, and if you do a lot of XML editing, then this howto might help you to make that even more fun.
xml.vim - helps editing xml (and [x]html, sgml, xslt) files : vim online
Vim as XML Editor: Setup
Language Translation Software - Translation Memory (TM) Tools & Computer Aided Translation (CAT) Software
Converting PDF to XML
Converting PDF to XML with Publication-Specific Profiles
PDF format has evolved from a pure page-layout format to a sophisticated one that can store structural information about the underlying document. On the other hand many PDF files, especially publications, are generated without any semantics. In this paper, we present software to fill this need for PDF publications. Our “PDF Semantic Extractor”, which is the first-stage implementation of the “Smart Translator” proposed in “Extracting Semantic Knowledge From PDF Publications” consists of two main parts: An Acrobat plug-in that retrieves semantics from PDF publications and converts it to XML, and server-side scripts combined with XSLT transformations that convert this raw information to interactive SVG documents with special styling attributes assigned to semantic objects. The PDF Semantic Extractor starts by analyzing lines and drawings on a page. By the use of a set of customizable filters, only vertical and horizontal lines that can be considered as separators are left. A custom closed-path construction algorithm is used at this stage, which draws boundaries around zones. Each zone is defined as an area that can contain one or more articles. At the same time, text blocks are formed out of text-runs. In PDF, text runs can contain a full word, a partial word, or even a single letter. These atomic objects are combined together to form bigger blocks, to which roles can be assigned. Possible text block roles are “title”, “author”, “article text”, etc. A fully customizable, heuristics based rule engine is used to assign roles to the text blocks. A profile engine is used to store different styling attributes for different publications. The last step involves combining two groups of objects and building the final semantic tree. Zones and blocks are further analyzed to construct separate articles, ads, etc. In addition, articles are connected to any continuation they might have on other pages. The extracted semantic information is used for two main purposes. First, it is indexed and stored in a database, allowing field-based queries on archives of PDF publications. Second, it is attached to the same PDF document as XMP (a subset of RDF) metadata. This promotes modularity, and the PDF becomes tailored with the initially missing semantics. Furthermore, the embedded XML can easily be retrieved from the original document using server-side scripting, and converted to SVG with XSLT transformations. The transformation applied customizes the document for different media, allows localization, and puts emphasis on the required/tailored subsets of data such as highlighting and article, underlining searched keywords, etc. The end result is an interactive SVG, which contains both the objects of the original document, and semantic structures related to these objects.
Smarty : Why Use Smarty
Open Source Web Design - Download free web design templates.
Download and upload free web designs.
start [DokuWiki]
Csv2table - Mimwiki
TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
MoinMoinWiki - MoinMoin


Maria Luísa Torres Ribeiro Marques da Silva Coheur
Fernando Manuel Marques Batista - HomePage
apcafe.jpg (JPEG Image, 114x127 pixels)
APBraga.jpg (JPEG Image, 91x128 pixels)
alvaro-iriarte » home


Psiquiatria Geral .............:::::::::::::::::::::


RelatedTools - ocropus - Google Code
ocropus - Google Code
tesseract-ocr - Google Code
hocr-tools - Google Code

Index of /xata2005/proceedings
Paradigmas da Programação II
Mozilla Update :: Extensions - List - Developer Tools - Page 2
Spanish Early Music MIDI Files
MIDI sequences of the works of various Renaissance and Baroque Spanish Composers.
Cançoners de música tradicional en MIDI
Index of /~filliatr/m1/vm
site: limpa para-brisas - Google Search
Vim as XML Editor
If Vim is your main text editor, and if you do a lot of XML editing, then this howto might help you to make that even more fun.