. Twitter & Vine… for those in the know, just what a FANTASTIC combination!

For those less familiar with Vine nonetheless, we're DEFINITELY NOT referring to a road intersection in downtown Manhattan, even though when I first learned of both of these great social networking stages in combination I can't help myself picturing the voice of a gnarled visitors cop shouting out to his dispatch group that he is warm in pursuit of the criminals on the junction of ' Twitter & Vine'!!

But amusing wordplay a-side and stepping back into the planet of the sensible, what is get vine followers and what is its association to Twitter?

And even MORE IMPORTANTLY, how can this be of-value in your social media-marketing campaigns?

In a nutshell, Vine was founded by Twitter in January 2013 with the notion of making video capability which in its snappy brevity will be the video equivalent of a 140 character Tweet.

Thinking straight back to the begin of 2013 the time was ideal as we were starting to view a enormous acceleration in using video downloaded from cellular telephone's and smart phones suddenly being incorporated into many private websites.

And just as suddenly,in January 2013, Twitter now had its own alternative - VINE - allowing for the inclusion of short, snappy video links with a maximum duration of 6 seconds - ideal in the highspeed, short-attention span, electronic marketing world that surrounds us all!

Some Crucial Truth About Vine:

– It was Twitter that launched get vine followers to the world in January 2013 - but cleverly Twitter have ensured that Vine movies can also be posted to Facebook. – The 6 second duration is counter-balanced by the fact the quick Vine videos are on 'loop' - therefore despite being brief the better assembled videos can be amazingly strong at re-implementing vital companies messages.

So When May You Use Vine Movie?

Well firstly you might want to consider all of the means that a simple 6 second VISUAL photo could benefit your business name or merchandise - and you may also need to simply take some inspiration from a few of your all time favorite commercials BUT to help you along here are 4 key areas that come top of mind:


In cases where you could quickly demo essential product benefits and SIMPLICITY - here the shortness of the movie can only enrich the beneficial simplicity and straight-forwardness of an item.


Consider what a fantastic manner this is to introduce yourself as well as company colleagues to your audience and clients while at once giving them a rare peek 'behind the drapes' of your company so to speak.


If you are running or attending an exhibition, setting on a e-seminar or Google Haunt or planning to announce a brand new product launching, innovative Vine movie can definitely drive expectation and client devotion to attend the event.

Think of these brief 'trailer' videos that are aired a couple of weeks prior to a new picture comes out - and how they can often develop a real sense of anticipation as well as a want in one to attend a film that you understand may really know little about, only because they are so brief and so capable of 'whetting your hunger Visit Website.

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